ARB Evidence Upload


If you did not submit an ONLINE PROTEST  and would like to upload your evidence for the Appraisal Review Board. You can follow the steps as included with your Notice of Appraised Value by clicking the link below.

Note: Electronic evidence must be submitted in the following filed types: PDF, MS Office (Word/Excel); or image types: JPEG, PNG,TIFF; Multiple files may be submitted however, the total combined size must not exceed 20MB per property;

The ARB does not have the ability to view or listen to audio and/or video files. 

  1. Complete the Appraisal Review Board Evidence Form
  2. Once you have entered your Case Number or Appraisal Account Number you may be prompted to enter your first name, last name, taxpayer’s address, phone number and email address so that the file requester knows who uploaded these files.
    To ensure documents are added to the correct account make sure to enter Case Number or Appraisal District Account Number (if known)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: First Name will be “Property Owner” as printed on your appraisal notice
    • Last Name will be the property owner’s last name
  3.  File Upload- Click Drag & Drop or Choose File(s).
      • Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file(s) you would like to upload directly into your browser window. (Each File Upload section limits you to 5 items.)
    1. Click Submit.
      • Note: You can return and add more files at any time prior to your hearing by repeating the above process. You will not be able to access files that you already uploaded.
    2. A green checkmark means that you’ve successfully uploaded your files to the file request.
      • Note: Please upload evidence for each property ID separately.

    Note: A maximum of 15 photo uploads can be uploaded per protest.