March 24, 2022




Grayson Central Appraisal District Disaster Exemption Guidance


Grayson County, Texas- In recent weeks, Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster in Grayson County due to wildfires and the second state of disaster due to severe weather. These declarations come after two other state of disaster declarations were signed in early February due to drought and winter weather.

The Grayson Central Appraisal District (GCAD) is needing assistance in getting information to property owners that have been affected by these disasters.

Chief Appraiser Shawn Coker says, “We are seeking individuals that have had property damage due to these recent disasters so that we can assist them with possible exemptions for which they may qualify. Statutorily, there are only 105 days for a property owner to file for this temporary exemption once a state of disaster is declared by the governor”. He continues, “We have reached out to the Grayson County OEM Coordinator, Sarah Somers, and she has graciously offered to assist us in finding property owners that we all want to help”.

Chief Appraiser Coker says that qualified property includes improvements to real property, such as homes and outbuildings, commercial property, tangible personal property used for income production, and certain manufactured homes.

Tax Code Section 11.35 allows a qualified property that is at least 15 percent damaged by a disaster in a governor-declared disaster area to receive a temporary exemption of a portion of the appraised value of the property. A property owner must apply for the temporary exemption and the deadline for application is 105 days after the governor declares a disaster area.


GCAD offers a calculator on their website as a tool to assist in determining qualification.


You can find more information and see if you may qualify for a property exemption on GCAD’s website:

For other resources to assist impacted citizens, please visit the Grayson County OEM website: